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Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3) Announces the Acquisition of Digital Publishing Solutions, Inc.
12 January 2015

Jersey City, New Jersey, January 12, 2015: Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a leading provider of global print, technology, and visual communication services, today announced the acquisition of the assets of Digital Publishing Solutions, Inc. (DPSI). DPSI is a leading provider of cloud based document management and automated publishing technology.

Founded in 2001by Ira Penner, DPSI provides traditional document management, EDGAR filing and financial print services to leading mutual funds, financial institutions and public companies. More recently, DPSI has developed and deployed DPSIDox. The DPSIDox document management technology is a cloud-based platform providing robust workflow, collaboration and stylized document management in a self-service or managed service environment for a wide variety of communications. The DPSIDox platform fully leverages the robust capabilities of Microsoft Sharepoint® and Microsoft Office® and provides users with a number of capabilities not available in any other commonly known document management platforms.

DG3 and DPSI have an existing partnership for the resale of the DPSIDox platform. DPSI and its’ DPSIDox technology are now being fully integrated into DG3 North America. In particular DG3’s Compliance Solutions and Argyle businesses will introduce the DPSIDox technology to the Mutual Fund and Public Company client base for the creation of shareholder communications.

"The acquisition of DPSI is a perfect complement to our financial communications business." commented Tom Saggiomo, DG3's CEO. He continued to say "The addition of document management to our comprehensive advisory, design, typesetting, EDGAR filing, print and distribution services for the financial marketplace is essential to our continued success. We have monitored the market to understand trends in our clients’ document management preferences and we are convinced that the DPSIDox platform is revolutionary and easier to use than any other platform serving this market.”

Ira Penner, DPSI’s CEO commented, "The DG3 group has an exciting vision for adding upstream document management and automated publishing solutions to its printing and distribution services offering. We are delighted to contribute our expertise to the company and are thrilled about the opportunity to introduce our world class document management technology to every DG3 client."

Additional details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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